Utilization of Wastewater in Agriculture and Aquaculture

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Author: S.N. Kaul, A.S. Juwarkar, V.S. Kulkarni, T. Nandy, L. Szpyrkowicz and R.K. Trivedy
ISBN: 817233298X

With increasing pollution of freshwater resources and growing demand of water for various human purposes, the use of wastewater in agriculture and aquaculture is going to increase in the coming decades. It is perhaps the first comprehensive book to cover the vital issues related to this area.

The book shall be indispensable for life scientists, chemists, ecologists, environmental scientists & engineers, industries, environmental consultants, aquaculturists, agricultural scientists and a host of other organizations with any interest in wastewater reuse. (jacket)

Contents of Utilization of Wastewater in Agriculture and Aquaculture


  1. Wastewater reuse : policy, planning and management issues.
  2. Need for wastewater reuse in agriculture and forestry.
  3. Water quality criteria for wastewater reuse for agriculture and forestry.
  4. Soil quality evaluation for wastewater irrigation.
  5. Design of wastewater irrigation system.
  6. Aquaculture system – past and present scenario.
  7. Ecological concerns in wastewater reuse in aquaculture.
  8. Water quality criteria for waste water reuse in aquaculture.
  9. Technology options for wastewater aquaculture.
  10. Design considerations in reuse of waste water in aquaculture farming.
  11. Design of aquaculture system.
  12. Environmental problems associated with aquaculture farming and control.
  13. Economic considerations in aquaculture farming.
  14. Health aspect of wastewater reuse in aquaculture.
  15. Socio-cultural aspects of wastewater reuse.
  16. Economic, institutional, and legal issues in wastewater reuse.

Case study 1 – wastewater reuse in agriculture.

Case study 2 – wastewater reuse in forestry. References.