Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics

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Author: Khan Irfan A., Atiya Khanum
ISBN: 8190044141

Contents of Emerging Trends in Bioinformatics

  1. Bioinformatics: Development and prospects
  2. Molecular Evolution and codon usage frequency bias
  3. Proteomics: A Revolutionary milestone in science
  4. Genomic and molecular databases
  5. Computational genomics, Molecular markers and plant systematics
  6. Basic concepts, Integration and biological importance of databases
  7. Introduction to Databases and sequence analysis
  8. Database Management System
  9. Bioinformatics as a tool for identifying and understanding human diseases
  10. Bioinformatics in horticulture
  11. Applications of Bioinformatics in vegetable breeding
  12. Vegetable gene list for hybridization