Tropical Fish Farming

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Author: Dr. D.K.Belsare

The book fills a long felt void in the area. It describes the methods of fish farming in tropical countries in great detail, and with a fresh and renewed approach. Fish culture in belli conventional and unconventional areas is considered. Special emphasis is given on ecological basis of fish farming in tropical countries. Economics of fish farming is also considered in great detail. Limnological studies go hand with fish farming and hence a considerable portion is devoted to them. Fishery in polluted waters and examination of waters from that angle is also considered. The book is stuffed with excellent diagrams and a large quantity of data in tables. Latest data is considered. The book is a must for zoologist and fisheries specialists and students in colleges, universities and research institutes. It will find a great use in government fish development departments, fishery societies and also organizations related with limnology and environmental sciences.

Contents of Tropical Fish Farming

1. Introduction

2. Carp fish farm and its management
Management of intensive carp farming
Management of extensive fish farming
Transport of live fish

3. Conventional farm practices
Monoculture of common carp
Composite fish culture
Culture of air breathing fishes
Tilapla culture in tropical countries
Brackish water fish culture

4. Unconventional farm practices
Fish culture in rice fields
Fish culture in hypereutrophied water bodies
Fish culture in treated and untreated domestic sewage effluents
Fish culture in dystrophic and marshy lagoons
Intensive fish culture in eutrophied waters bodies
Fish culture in aquatic herb farming
Fish culture with animal husbandry

5. Ecological basis of fish farming in tropical reservoirs
Aquatic ecosystem of the peninsular India
Tropical swamps
Natural lakes of Africa
Mineral composition of African lakes
Thermal stratification and turnover in African lakes
Ecology of crater lakes of East Indies
Freshwater ecosystem of the Ivory coast
Abiotic and biotic factors in small reservoirs

6. Economics of fish farming

7. Limnological methods

8. Appendix