Recent Advances in Wastewater Engineering

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Author: Dr. S. N. Kaul, Dr. Tapas Nandy, Dr. L. Szpyrkowicz and Dr. R. K. Trivedy
ISBN: 9788181520630

The book covers the latest developments and research in the important field of wastewater treatment.

Important topics covered in the book are Industrial wastewater management principles, Strategies for waste management in India, Environmental legislation for industries, EIA for wastewater treatment, Legislation for industries, Flow measurement, Promising new technologies for wastewater treatment, Anaerobic waste treatment, Wastewater containing heterocyclic bases and treatment options, Wastewater recycling options in different industries, UASB technology for wastewater treatment, Sludge treatment, Fate of helminths in wastewater treatment, Aquatic plants based waste treatment, Rootzone technology, etc.

Contents of Recent Advances in Wastewater Engineering

  1. Industrial Wastewater Management
  2. Strategies for Waste Management in India
  3. Environmental Legislation for Industries
  4.  Appropriate Technology : Would an Engineer Want it any Other Way
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Facility-A Case Study
  6. Guidelines for Improvement of Effluent Treatment Plant Performance and Checklist for Maintenance of Effluent Treatment Plant
  7.  Environmentally Positive Step-Ultraviolet Disinfection of Wastewater
  8. Wastewater Flow Measurement Assessment and Comparison of Various Options for Wastewater Management
  9. Pumps for Wastewater Flow in Effluent Treatment Plants
  10. ELMP-A Promising Technology to Treat Wastewater
  11. Prediction, Prevention and Control of Septicity in A Sewerage System
  12. Waste Management in Tanneries : Experience and Outlook
  13. Wastewaters Containing Heterocylic Bases and Treatment Options
  14. An Overview of Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor
  15.  Anaerobic Waste Treatment Methods-Treatment and Disposal of Sludges
  16. Experience on Full-Scale Application of Solid Bowl Centrifuge for Dewatering of ETP Sludges
  17. Wastewater Farming Practices in India Including Design of Wastewater Farms
  18. Recycling Potential of Solid Wastes from Some Select Industries
  19.  An Overview of Hazardous Waste Situation in India with A Few Case Studies
  20. Aspects of Reed Bed Operation
  21.  Fugitive Emissions from Effluent Treatment Plant Treating Domestic Wastewater in the Surrounding Area-A Case Study
  22. Fate of Helminth Parasites in Wastewater Treatment Process
  23. Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Secure Landfill

About Author

Dr. S. N. Kaul is presently a Director-grade Scientist and Head, Wastewater Technology Division at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur. Dr. Kaul has also been the Acting Director at this Institute. Dr. Kaul obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and was awarded Ph.D. degree by the University of New Castle-upon-Tyne, U.K.

Dr. Lidia Szpyrkowicz graduated in the faculty of Sanitary Engineering and Hydraulics from Warsaw University in 1975, and holds Doctorate degrees from Warsaw University, Poland and University of Pavia, Italy. Currently, Dr. Szpyrkowicz is an Associate Professor, University of Venice, Venice, Italy; as also a Member of the Professional Order of Engineers since 1985.

Dr. Tapas Nandy is a Sr. Assistant Director at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur.

Dr. R. K. Trivedy is presently Reader and Incharge, Department of Pollution Studies, Y.C. College of Science, Karad, Maharashtra, India. Dr. Trivedy has twenty seven-years of research experience in ecology of aquatic ecosystems and wastewater treatment using aquatic plants.