Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technologies Vol. 1

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Author: R K Trivedy
ISBN: 8187258012

Contents of Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technologies Vol. 1

  1. Microbial Utilization and Colour Removal From Papermill Effluent Waste
  2. Removal of Toxic Metals From Industrial Effluents by Aquatic Plants
  3. Technological Approach to Control Oil Spills
  4. Methods of Metal Capture From Wastewater
  5. Advanced Anaerobic Technology for Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment
  6. Characteristics and Treatment of Wastewater From Coffee Pulping Unit
  7. Oxidation Reduction Potential as an Indicator of Anaerobic Digester Performance
  8. Carrier Activated Sludge Process
  9. Sequencing Batch Rfactor : an Emerging Technology for Wastewater Treatment
  10. Treatment of Dairy Wastewater
  11. Removal of Phenoe From Wastewater by Adsorption Techniques
  12. Sludge Management at Ongc Hazira Gas Processing Copmlex
  13. Wastewaters Management in Textile Industries
  14. Removal Oe Hexavalent Chromium From Aqueous Solutions Using Fey Ash
  15. Methods for the Treatment of Dairy Wastes
  16. Biological Removal of Heavy Metals by Aquatic Macro- Phytes : Scope and Perspectives
  17. Tapping Welth From Effluents of Agro Based Industries
  18. Biotechnology for Wastewater Treatment
  19. Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater
  20. Removal of Heavy Metals From Wastewaters
  21. Membrane Technology for Wastew Ater Treatment
  22. Root/one Technology for Treatment of Wastewater
  23. Irrigation Suitability of Integrated Paper Mill Wastewater
  24. Textile Industries, Safety, Health & Environment
  25. Texttile Industries Waste Treatment
  26. Aquaculture Systems for Wastewater Treatment
  27. Treatment of Dairy Industry Effluents by Indigenous Yeast Isolates
  28. Treatment Oi; Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents With Situ Generated Wastes
  29. Upelow Anaerobic Sludge Blankt (Uasb) Reactor for Wastewater Treatment
  30. Sugar Industry Waste Management
  31. Waste Management in Steel Indusiries
  32. Organoclays for Decolonization and Detoxification of Wastewaters
  33. Water Hyacinth Based Systems for Waste Treatment