Introduction to Environmental Science

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Author: Anjaneyulu. Y
ISBN: 817800061X

The importance of environmental science and environmental studies cannot be disputed. The need for sustainable development is a key to the future of mankind. Continuing problems of pollution, loss of forest, solid waste disposal, degradation of environmental issues like economic productivity and national security, Global warming, the depletion of ozone layer and loss of biodiversity have made everyone aware of environmental issues and consequences.
Inspite of the deteriorating status of the environment, study of environment has so far not received adequate attention in our academic programmes. Recognizing this, the Honble supreme court directed the UGC to introduce a basic course on environment at undergraduate level in college education. Accordingly, UGC constituted an expert committee, which drafted the core module course, comprising of 7 units and field work.
This book tries to cover up and match with the module core syllabus suggested by UGC, New Delhi for all branches of Engineering.

Contents of Introduction to Environmental Science

  1. Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies
  2. Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
  3. Forest Resources
  4. Water Resources
  5. Mineral Resources
  6. Food Resources
  7. Energy Resources
  8. Land Resources
  9. Role of Individuals in Conservation of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  10. Ecosystems
  11. Biodiversity and its Conservation
  12. Air Pollution Sources and Effects
  13. Water Pollution
  14. Soil Pollution
  15. Noise Pollution
  16. Nuclear Hazards
  17. Solid Waste Management

About Author

Y. Anjaneyulu, M.Tech (Environmental Management), M.Sc. (Environmental Technology) and M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry). He has 30 years of teaching experience and presently working as Director, Institute of Science and Technology, JNTU. Earlier he was Professor and Head, Centre for Environment, JNTU, Hyd. He is involved in designing and conducting postgraduate courses. He has already authored books on Environmental Science and Technology, besides presenting 70 research papers in journals.