Non Conventional Energy Sources

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Author: S.N. Kaul, A.R. Bhalerao and R.K. Trivedy
ISBN: 81-89065-10-6

Energy is now a basic need for the modern world. Rapid development of a number of countries is threatened to be seriously hampered by shortage of energy. There is a big question mark on future of conventional energy as the petroleum sources are dwindling fast and use of coal based thermal power and nuclear energy is trapped with serious environmental concerns. Thus the ultimate source of energy for long term sustenance is going to be the non-conventional energy. This book is based on huge data generated in India and extensive literature work. The book focuses on various aspects of renewable energy.

Contents of Non Conventional Energy Sources

  1.  Introduction.
  2. Energy Scene in India.
  3. World Energy Scene.
  4. Non-Conventional, Sources of Energy.
  5. Solar Energy
  6. Biomass.
  7. Biomass scene in India.
  8. Wind Energy
  9. Over all conclusions. Bibliography.