Ecotechnology for Pollution Control and Environmental Management

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Author: R. K. Trivedy & Arvind Kumar
ISBN: 8186421033

Contents of Ecotechnology for Pollution Control and Environmental Management

  • Sustainable Development Through Use of Natural materials in Wastewater Traetment
  • Management of Wastewater Trough Crop Irrigation – An Ecofriendly Approach
  • Vermicultureand Vermicomposting
  • Management of Solid Wastes through Vermiculture Biotechnology
  • Paper MIll Waste Water Application in Agriculture
  • Use of Domestic Sewage Residue as Supplemental Diet for Experimental Rearing of Common CARP, Cyrprinus carpio L.
  • Utilisation of Biological Waste in Fish Farming
  • Vermitech : The Science of Earthworms Biotechnology
  • Response of Plant Growth to Different Techniques of Biomass Generation
  • Prospects of Sericultural Waste Management.
  • Approach for Waste Minimization in Small Paper Mills
  • Vegetative Measures for Reclamation of Mined Lands of Outer Himalayas
  • Vermitechnology for Eco-Friendly Disposal of Wastes
  • Prospects of Soil Biology towards Sustainable Productions: A Case Study in Plantation Crop
  • Use of Contructed Wetlands in Wastewater Treatment : The Root Zone Technology
  • Compost from Residues for Environment Management
  • Biomonitoring of Pollution by Aquatic Insect Community and Microorganisms in Freshwater Ecosystem
  • Problems and Prospects in the Utilization of Non-Edible Oilcakes – A Forest Byproduct
  • Natural Adsorbents for Water and Wastewater Treatment – A Review
  • Utilization of Flyash in Converting Wasteland to an Agriculturally Productive Land.