Pollution Research Paper

Vol. 43, Issue1-2, 2024

Page Number: 134-136




Cyanide as the name comes shivers the body and soul a bit. Now if we say that there is a possibility of cyanide in your drinking water than, it will take your breath away or your eyes will enlarge, from normal. There are many regulatory bodies throughout the world, which set hard guidelines over the drinking water Cyanide percentage. Why? – To ensure human safety. The typical cyanide measurement requires a calorimetric investigation followed by Spectrophotometric analysis which is very costly and also not available easily. The distillation column was also required pre calorimetric analysis, which adds to the wounds and increases the cost to a big extent. So there is a large need of any alternative analysis of one of the most sensitive elements of drinking water, i.e. Cyanide. A new developed technique of Ion chromatography gives us an idea about the Cyanide percentage and now days is proving highly effective as its running cost is low and the machine is costly but cheaper than the existing system machines. The free flow Cyanide is very dangerous in water as it goes and reacts with multiple human organs and starts their decay leading us to multiple organ failure leading to organ transplant therapy. So as our elders always say “Prevention is better than cure”. We also try to analyze Cyanide and then make a decent approach to remove it to keep mankind happy and healthy.