Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Issue 2, 2022; Page No.(1079-1086)


Aounallah Ouafia1*, Samai Ibtissem*2, Nebbache Saloua3, Amri Naziha4, Kara Lilia5, Zentar Amina6 and Kissoum Nesrine7


The aim of this work is to highlight the diversity and the physico-chemical characterization of the soils of the plain of Annaba, North East Algeria. For this purpose we based on a systematic sampling plan. In order to identify the diversity of the soils in this plain, a qualitative characterization of the soils that integrate this plain was made, of which 12 stations representative of the area in question were chosen; Several physicochemical parameters were carried out such as, the granulometry, the hydrogen potential, the electrical conductivity, the hygroscopic moisture, the organic matter and the total limestone to define and valorize the quality and the pedological richness of this region. The physico-chemical parameters analyzed allowed to define the characteristics of the soils namely the pH which is slightly alkaline with a clayey-silt texture, the conductivity which is moderate and a limestone rate which means that the soils of our study area are moderately calcareous. This situation suggests a strict control of organic matter inputs in the soils of this plain because this organic matter is the major element for the structural stability and the balance of the soil.