Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, Issue 1 2019; Page No.(460-466)


Ali S. Mueen and Mundher Kh. Jabbar


Seventeen Iraqi bread wheat cultivars developed through plant breeding programs were screened for getting molecular databases through RAPD marker. A total of 799 loci were amplified with 10 primers out. Fragments size ranged from 200bp-1.8kb and fragments produced by various primers ranged from 1-10 with an average of 5.3 fragments per primer. The highest number of bands (111) was amplified with primer OP-M06 while the lowest number (39) with primer OP-K01. Results revealed that variety Baghdad1 gave low number of band values in OP-M06, Muhood gave low band values in OP-M14 primer, in OP-M20 primer, the similarity was found among Baghdad 3, Alez and Iraq, another similarity was found among Babil113, furat and Buhooth158, the OP-I02 primer was given higher number of bands in aboghreeb cultivar while low number of bands in Latifia, the similarity was between Babil113 and Sham 6, Baraka and Buhooth 10 were similarity too, OP-V02 primer did not give clear variations but Buhooth22 characterized by giving low bands, OP-V19 was not given variations and characterized, OP-K01primer was given low band number in Latifia, OP-M14 primer gave similarity among Buhooth22, Latifia and Buhooth158, another similarity was among Furat, Baghdad1 Alez, Babil 113 cultivar was similar Buhooth22 in Op-P04 primer, there were similarity and differences between two groups of cultivars in OP-H01primer.

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