Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 2 2018; Page No.(952-959)


Gholam Reza Miri, Simin Abafat and Parisaghaderi


Cultural development is the growth of the knowledge, capabilities, and capabilities of each nation in meeting the material and spiritual needs, including seeding native culture in each individual community and trying to grow and cultivate this seed as far as the God-given possibilities of each person make it possible. The foundation for real and sustainable development is the achievement of cultural development. Cultural development is a kind of transformation through the irreversible density of cultural elements in a given society, and as a result, society exercises more effective control over the natural environment. Measurement of cultural change and the level of agreement in the process of cultural development requires the evaluation of the results of the actions and implementation plans. This is an applied research and its method is literature survey and analysis using the Vikor computer model. In this model, using statistical techniques and using indicators of spaces and cultural facilities (16 indicators) in the cities of Ardabil province, the results of there search indicate that between the cities of Ardebil province in terms of the use of Spaces and cultural facilities are significantly different. In the meanwhile, the cities of Ardebil, Sarein and Kosar are developed as well as the cities of Namin, Nayer, and Meshgin are considered to be very deprived cities.

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