Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 4, 2017; Page No.(2172-2180)


M.S. Kozyrev, E.V. Frolova, N.V. Medvedeva, T.M. Ryabova, O.V. Rogach and T.A. Evstratova


This work deals with the study of the environmental protection activities of state under the contemporary conditions. Analyzing the modern situation, we can clearly see increasing impact of technology on environment, that poses the problem of stable ecological and economic development. Now the society and the state have a rather complicated task: it is necessary to sustain balance between the high production rate and environmental protection. Theoretical and practical relevance of the research includes the analysis of the questions of efficient and equitable management of natural resources, the role of the state in such questions, as well as the role of other entities engaged into environmental protection activity. One of the most important entities is business-communities. The main method of the research is the correlation analysis which helps us to determine the basic factors of environmental protection activity. As the result of the conducted analysis, the authors concluded that the situation deteriorated due to lack of financial support of the ecological projects, the state wasnÂ’t also paying enough attention to the problems of air and water pollution. The following conclusions were made on the bases of this research: it is necessary to conduct ecological modernization of the Russian society, to increase state control of the environmental protection activities, to formulate the principles of environmental responsibility of business, and to implement new approaches to the management of natural resources.

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