Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Issue 3, 2017; Page No.(1774-1780)


Saida Olegovna Apsalyamova, Bella Olegovna Khachir and Oleg Zakireevich Khuazhev


Major socio-economic benefits provided by forests include the promotion of efficient production and processing of forest products, along with the associated reduction of volume of waste and its reuse. This study begins with the description of how socio-economic benefits are related to the welfare or well-being of the population and the indication that forests can be promoted in two main ways: the first is to generate industry earnings (production benefits), while the second is to bring consumption of forest products in accordance with basic human needs or in improving living conditions in a different way (consumer benefits). The remaining analysis is aimed at assessing some of these benefits from two perspectives: the amount of benefits received and the number of people receiving such benefits. The kinds of socio-economic benefits from using forests are generalized, which is based on information available from national censuses, largescale surveys and other sources providing a sufficient level of data reliability. In the case of kinds of the production benefits, the values provided in the table should be considered as an estimated minimum, which is due to the lack of information on a number of products and countries. Values for the consumer benefits are generally more reliable but limited in the kinds of benefits. In particular, despite showing how forests directly contribute to meeting basic needs, they do not include many of the less obvious kinds of benefits from using forests (e.g. environmental services) that can also help meet the indicated needs or otherwise enhance living conditions.

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