Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 23, Feb 2017 Suppl. Issue; Page No.(385-390)


Sukhmani and Mohit Gupta


Tremendous quantum of healthcare or bio-medical waste is generated annually around the globe and the importance of its proper management cannot be denied. Healthcare waste not only puts pressure on already scarce resources, but also adds to community waste leading to widespread problems. It also adds to potential concern of widespread infections among the stakeholders. This paper highlights the research done nationally and internationally on the importance of healthcare waste management; what actually constitutes healthcare waste; definitions of healthcare waste as given by many researchers; classification of healthcare waste etc. The paper also discusses the researches related to importance of steps in healthcare waste management; practices of healthcare waste management; problems in implementation of the rules of various healthcare waste management regulations. The paper further highlight the researches done in Indian context with regard to health care waste management.

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