Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 22, Issue 3, 2016; Page No.(1069-1075)


Ahmad Sharifi and Orang Taki


Studying of rice mechanization indices is necessary for proper selection and optimum use of machine for each area. A study was conducted to determine agricultural mechanization indices for rice cultivation in Iran, Isfahan province. Information and data gathering was performed through filling out the questionnaires, using statistical resources and surveying. The questions were included of rice yielding varieties cultivation area and amount of production- rice qualitative varieties cultivation area and amount of production- type, number and area of tillage operations- seedling growing (capacity, type and planting area of seedling bank)- type, method and area of planting operation- type and area of crop protection operation and amounts of consumed rtilizer, spray and water- type and area of harvesting operations- type variety and amount of consumed seed- technical specification of used machines in rice production- number, nominal capacity, working capacity and working period of rice processing factories and number of labors. Then, degree of mechanization, level of mechanization, capacity of mechanization, economic efficiency of mechanization, machine efficiency, potential ability of machine, working days and hours and productivity coefficient of machine were calculated. The results showed that degree of mechanization of primary tillage with moaldboard plow was 100% and that of secondary tillage with cultivator, puddler and rotivator, and leveler were 41 %, 45 % and 96%, respectively. Planting operation with transplanter was 10 % and crop protection operation with motorized knapsack sprayer was 68 %. Degree of mechanization of harvesting operation was 78 %. The level of mechanization obtained 2.4 hp/ha for Isfahan city as the lower and 5.4 hp/ha for Felaverjan as the higher one. The lower value of economic efficiency was belonged to Felaverjan with 0.97 ton/hp while the higher value was calculated for Isfahan city with the value of 2.19 ton/hp. The higher potential executive ability of machine was related to motorized kanpsack sprayer whereas the lower one was obtained for puddling operation. It seems that the development of mechanization of rice in Isfahan province would not be economic due to the low planting area, shortage of the number of specific agricultural machinery and also water problems. Therefore, if the mechanization development of rice is going to be considered in this province, the need of appropriate machines would be tangible specially puddlers, transplanters, sprayers and specific combine harvesters.

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