Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 4, 2015; Page No.(1925-1932)


Nisha Elizabeth Joshua, S.N. Ojha, Sheela Immanuel and Shyam S. Salim


The study was conducted in five districts which had the highest inland fish farmer population in Kerala. Primary data were collected from 225 aquaculture farmers who availed support through the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) and from 165 Department of Fisheries (DoF) staff officials who provided ATMA support to farmers. Contact of farmers with various resource persons was quantified by resource person contact index from the perspective of both farmers and DoF staff, thereafter, to find that there was no significant difference in the index scores, which indicated adequate rapport between farmers and resource persons. Regularity of different farm information dissemination activities conducted by ATMA and satisfaction arising out of it, was assessed among farmers, by means of Garrett method. The different sources through which farmers became aware of ATMA were found out. Policy suggestions were proposed to improve the extension support meant for farmers, which would help in aquaculture development.

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