Pollution Research Paper

Vol.31, Issue 1, 2012; Page No.(117-120)




The local people have the right to live in their environment, but not at the cost of destroying natural resources. Forest planning should take account of the demands of the local people in terms of social needs and forest resources. In particular, opportunities for income-generating activities should be offered to rural people. Ecotourism implementations in suitable forest villages may be the best income-generating activities that are also ecological. Such ecotourism projects should aim for direct and indirect improvement of income levels and living standards of the local people. Reduction of pressures on the natural resources, protection of the ecological balance, cooperation among regions and countries, and acceleration of information and experience exchange between rural and urban people can be ensured by ecotourism project in forests villages. Ecotourism can thus enhance the opportunities for better management of natural resources while providing a satisfying experience for the visitor. It stands to reason that there are many differences between the developing world and the developed world when it comes to issues of sustainability and sustainable community development. The physical environment, economy, and social make up of these two regions of the world are very different and therefore are subject to different problems, requiring individual methods of approach and research Ecotourism creates an impact on natural ecosystems but more importantly, it offers a way to promote conservation in ecologically fragile regions ;benefit the economies of local communities ;provide the public with a nature-based education experience.

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