Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.16, Issue 2, 2010; Page No.(123-127)


Shabnam Roshani, Kiumars Bakhsh Kelarastaghi, Ebrahim Amiri and Kourosh Shojaei Noferest


In order to study the effect of planting date on potato growth indices, a field experiment was conducted in Mashhed area in 2008. The experiment was laid out in a split plot design with three replications. Planting date (9 and 30 May, 20 June and 11 July) was the main plot, and varieties in subplot. Results concluded that the leaf area index in primary planting, because of more different growth condition, got to the maximum level at a later time & Agria variety in the third planting date (June 20) had the highest leaf area index between other varieties. Total above dry matter in primary plant dates in comparison to other planting was higher because of having growth period. Crop growth rate in comparison to other growth indices had a closer connection with the crop yield. So Almera having the most tubers yield, presented the maximum production rate. The point to consider is that with delay in planting date and length reduction of variety growth, all growth indices got to their maximum value. According to result conduced from experiment, maximum tuber yield was yielded from second and third planting of the Almera result conduced form this test, maximum tuber yield was yielded form second and third planting of the Almera variety.

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