Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21, Issue 2, 2015; Page No.(905-908)


Parikh Punita and Vyas Payal


Fluoride is an essential element. Fluoride concentration in low amount (0.5-1.0 mg/L) in drinking water is helpful in the prevention of dental caries and in treatment of osteoporosis. However, high intake of fluoride (>1.5 mg/L) in drinking water for a prolonged period is known to cause damage to the teeth enamel and eventually leads to skeletal complications that result in fluorosis. The major source for drinking and irrigation water in Mehsana is ground water. High concentration of fluoride in the groundwater posing health hazard has been observed in Mehsana district. Ground water comes from the regional alluvial aquifer system. This region is severely affected by endemic fluorosis under water stress. The present study reported fluoride content of groundwater samples from 30 villages of Satlasana taluka of Mehsana District. Groundwater samples were collected from Tube well and Bore well during the period from April 2010 to March 2011 and were analyzed for fluoride content. The Fluoride concentration in groundwater of this region ranged from 0.29 to 4.6 mg/L. About 50% of the samples collected were suitable for human consumption. However, 10% of the samples were having less than the required limit of 0.6 mg/L and 37% of the samples possessed high fluoride concentration, i.e., above 1.5 mg/L. Weathering of rocks and evaporation of groundwater are responsible for high fluoride concentration in groundwater of this area. It is envisaged from the present data that the crystalline rocks, Semiarid climate, Hydrogeology, Alkaline soils and Anthropogenic activities in the Mehsana district may contribute significantly the enhancement of Fluoride level in the ground water.

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