Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 21.Suppl.Issue June 2015; Page No.(255-259)


S. K. Jawandha, M.I.S. Gill, Harminder Singh and Anita Arora


To enhance the ripening of winter guava, physiologically mature fruits of guava cv. Sardar were kept at different temperatures ( 20, 25 & 30oC) and also at ambient conditions for ripening. Fruit samples were analysed at 24 hrs interval for ripening studies and various physico-chemical characteristics. Fruit ripening increased with the increase in ripening period and temperature. Fruits kept at 25 and 30oC showed rapid ripening than kept at 20oC, but fruits placed at ambient conditions failed to ripe. Sensory quality of fruits also increased during ripening, fruits kept at 25 and 30oC attained the highest sensory quality after 48hrs, whereas fruits kept at 20oC attained it after 72 hrs. Fruit firmness decreased significantly with increase in temperature and ripening period, minimum reduction in fruit firmness was recorded in fruits kept at ambient conditions. Spoilage of fruits also increased with ripening temperature and time. After 72 hrs of ripening, spoilage was noticed in fruits kept at 25 and 30oC. Total soluble solids of the fruits increased with ripening, but this increase was recorded up to 72 hrs in fruits kept at 20oC and up to 48 hrs at 25oC and 30oC. Fruit acidity showed a declining trend during ripening. Results revealed that fruits kept at 20oC ripened in 72hrs with highest sensory quality and minimum PLW.

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