Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.15, Issue 03, 2009; Page No.(517-523)


Samta Jain and Sangeeta Loonker


When it comes to living a life of convenience - with all electronics and technologies well marketed and easily available to us, it stands as a wall of hindrance to the conservation of Nature. The resources across the globe are made to dry for tlw sake of giving convenience to the customers and consumers. With the economy blushing over its mind-boggling growth we can easily witness the flushed natural resources, which are making an imbalance in the life support systems. In a way, it is not an exaggeration to say "the economy today is conveniently building the inconvenience for tomorrow". No doubt consumer is the king in today's business scenario. When we have come a long way discussing on the global environmental matters at the Tallberg Forum in Sweden, where 400 delegates from 70 countries had gathered in June, 2007, special signals must be given to the marketers, producers and manufacturers whose convenient products of today will create inconvenience for tomorrow. This paper analyses the current scenario and the effects of environment on the economy, which is so much consumer centric that it consumes all natural rich resources of earth and the future implications of the samc. The paper expresses that the quality of life today is extracting resources, which are non-replenishable. Basically it integrates three different facets namely consumerism, environment and economy to understand the future implications of today's convenience on tomorrow life style and life-resources. It aims at creating the working models for, sustainable development.

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