Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.15, Issue 1, 2009; Page No.(9-16)


S. Ishaya and Grace J. Maisannari


Increased levels of fuelwood demands have resulted in an increese of scarcity cause by consistent disappearance of vegetal cover where the fuelwood is obtained. in tills study women perception fuelwood scarcity, experience and adaptation strategies is being studied thls is hi ause women perception is very significant in planning and management of fuelwood because in this area they are more directly involve in the use and harvesting. This paper studied six different villages in Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Women were requested,. through a survey, to provide various information on their perception of the scarcity of fuel‘...bod, experiences and their adaptation strategies to situations. That majority of women in the all settlements opine that fuelwood is the major source of energy, recently more of their time is being taking away in search of fuelwood reducing the time they put into farming activities, the vegetation cover in the study area has been exploited of its natural plants due to fuelwood harvest and this remain one of the most exploited of the forest resources. Recently efficient stoves are being used mostly by those who use charcoal for cooking, in resent times women and children have to walk longer distance to get fuelwood. Energy in the study area is being stored in form of charcoal for use to enable them reserved the fetched fuelwood for money or in some cases sale. In a way of adapting women have to use plants straws and other plants for fuelwood. Artificial plants not native of this area are now planted to supplement the natural plants. Findings also shows that the is no differences in all the responses by respondents all the ilia vs studied ,.-)n their opinion on fuelwood scarcity and adaptation strategies at 0.05 and 0.01 alpha levels.

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