Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 4, 2011; Page No.(827-832)


Nasrollah Zadeh, A., Zamanov Pasha Bayram Oglu, Amiri, E., Razavipour T, Sharif far, A.5 and Tayefeh, M.


In order to assess the effect of chemical and organic fertilizers on yield and quality properties of rice, one variety (Hashemi) was considered at Rice Research Institute of Iran, in a factorial experiment based on a completely randomized block design with 3 replications. In this experiment 4 organic fertilizer (0, 10, 20 ton/ha cow dung and 5 ton/ha azolla compost) and 4 chemical fertilizers (0, 40, 60 and 80 kg N/ha) were used. In maturity time, Quality parameters consist of protein content, amylose content (AC), gel consistency (GC) gelatinization temperature (GT) and yield were studied. Results showed that: the different N application levels create a significant difference on quality parameters and yield, as (80 KgN/ha) showed the highest GC and yield, whereas highest AC, GT and protein were observed in 40, 0, and 60 N Kg/ha respectively. In considering the chemical fertilizers no significant difference were observed in AC and protein content but the highest yield were observed in 5 ton/ha azolla compost and also the highest GC and GT in 10 ton/ha cow dung was observed the investigation of interaction of organic and chemical fertilizers showed significant difference between all quality parameters, the highest AC was observed in the field without any organic and chemical fertilizer and also 10 ton/ha cow dung and 0 N kg/ha were increased GC and GT highly whereas the greatest amount of yield achieved with interaction of 80 N kg/ha and 5 ton/ha azolla compost and also the most protein content was obtained from the interaction of 20 ton/ ha cow dung and 40 N kg/ha.

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