Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.17, Issue 4, 2011; Page No.(811-814)


Hepsibah Palivela, Gavarasana Satyanarayana, P. Jaya Jawahar and M.S. Neeharika


The aim was to evaluate socio-economic status of fishermen of Lawsons bay, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. One hundred and forty fours individuals were interviewed at a Cancer detection camp to evaluate the socio-economic and occupational characteristics of coastal fishing community of Lawsons bay, Visakhapatnam. The information was obtained from the individuals. It provides a brief idea on general characteristics of fishermen, perceptions of the status and management of fishery resources, occupational status, standard of education and perception of change in social status. Socioeconomic status is used to stratify subjects in society in epidemiological studies, classifications of socio economic status usually includes income, occupation and education level. The P values are evaluated from the variables like education, occupation with reference to the income of the fishermen and their significance are notified. For most of the fishermen, the socio-economic status falls below poverty line, therefore, the levels of education are low and awareness towards living, personal hygiene, general health is also low, leading to incidences of various health hazards. Fishermen are the poorest group of the urban population along the coastal zone. Fishermen perceived the fisheries resources as over-exploited as the catch per fisherman was coming down and that their income from fishing is also declining. Hence, there is an urgent need to educate, support and provide fishermen health insurance to assure the access to health care facilities.

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