Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.11, Issue 2, 2005; Page No.(795-301)


P.S. Chaudhuri and Gautani Bhattacharjee


This study presents a survey of earthworm species from Tripura, a north-eastern state of India including their distribution and diversity in three different habitats viz. low land pasture, compost pit and sewage sludge. Earthworms were sampled by digging and hand sorting. Temperature, moisture, pH and oxidizable organic matter of 0-10 cm soil sample were estimated at each sampling site. A total of 21 species belonging to 10 genera and 5 families were recorded: Megascolecidae (Metaphire posthuma, M. peguana, M. planata, M. houlleti, Lampito mauritii, Perionyx excavatus, Amynthas alexandri, Polypheretima elongata), Octochaetidae (Eutyphoeus gamrniei, E. comillahnus, E turaensis, E. scutarius, E. gigas, E assamensis, Dichogaster modiglianii, D. bolaui), Moniligastridae (Drawida nepalensis, D. lime/la, D. papillifera papillifera), Almidae (Glyphidrilus spelaeotes) and Glossoscolecidae (Pontoscolex corethrurus).

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