Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol.30, February, Suppl.Issue, 2024; Page No.(S8-S12)


Swati Joshi, Poonam Ojha, Sharda Soni, Archana Saxena, Sangeeta Vyas, Vinita Sharma and Anurag Sharma


Water has been the most important amenity of nature that every individual needs for almost each and every aspect of life. To get fresh and hygienic drinking water is the priority and right of each human being. Increasing population, pollution and over exploitation of natural drinking water sources have led to the generation of contamination in water. In order to make the water suitable for drinking purpose, various physical and chemical technologies have been in use, out of these nanotechnology is the most advanced one. But use of synthetic nanomaterials have also caused toxicity and accumulation in environment. This paper mainly focuses on use of eco-friendly nanomaterials for water purification. Nanomaterials extracted from various plant sources and their practical application in disinfection has been described in detail. Besides the use of bio-polymers, cellulose and chitosan based nano materials has also been described. The mechanism of these nanomaterials for the killing of bacteria has also been explained.