Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 29. Aug, Suppl, Issue, 2023; Page No.(300-309)


Sarveswaran S, Vishal Johar, Vikram Singh and Ragunanthan C.


Understanding the role of agroforestry in present agricultural practices in subject to increase in production as well as its beneficial contribution towards environment and income. As climate change, soil degradation, water scarcity and increase in price of agricultural raw materials leads agricultural more crucial but when agroforestry practices came into existence, the productivity and sustainability increase. Increase in population and its effect towards land-use competition welcomes agroforestry in revolution basis. This practice relies more on sustainability with low input and diversified income. Agroforestry is considered as smart way of farming which fulfill various aspects for farmers and environment. It helps mostly the small scale land holders to satisfy their economical needs along with food security. After analysis of many research paper it is found that this system have many components with different key elements. The adaptation of this practice is influenced by several characteristics of that particular area. However there are many benefits in practicing agroforestry, they are crucial in initial stages in field landscape designing. After detailed study of many research works, this review paper gives overall outline of contribution of agroforestry in farm diversification and income, food security, role in environment etc. now agroforestry is playing important role in self resilience, fullfilling basic needs with socio-economic and environmental benefits.