Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 29. Aug, Suppl, Issue, 2023; Page No.(293-299)


Vishal Johar, Deven Verma, Vikram Singh, S.S. Hrishikesh and Navkiran Kaur


Bamboo is a member of grass family with woody growth habit. It is having a huge diversity which is distributed throughout the world. Diverse nature and widespread availability of this plant gives rise to its numerous uses. Rapid propagation, high rate of growth, low cost of extraction and low-cost processing make them important for subsistence. Bamboo is quickly changing its image from the “poor man’s tree- to a high-tech, industrial raw material and substitute for wood. Bamboo is also being consumed in many different ways. Inclusion of bamboo would certainly help in restoration of land, protecting forest covers, establishment of rural small scale industries and can check the migration of rural workforce to the urban areas in search of livelihood.