Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 29. Aug, Suppl, Issue, 2023; Page No.(158-168)


Divya, Rita Singh and Sanjay Keshari Das


Plant-frugivore interactions are important ecological processes that play a vital role in maintaining the dynamics of the ecosystem. Birds are very important frugivores and very little is known about the plantavian interaction matrix in the urban ecosystems of India. The present study endeavours to understand and document the plant–avian frugivory interactions in the human-dominated green spaces which is a mosaic of selectively planted exotic and native tree species in Delhi. A total of thirty avian frugivore species were recorded feeding on twenty-two focal tree species using Phyto-centric approach. Characteristic traits of fruits like fruit diameter, colour and type and their interacting avian species were studied based on their fruit handling behaviour. The highest number of avian frugivore species were observed on native Ficus tree species in urban Delhi ecosystem, thereby providing evident proof of being an important food resource for avian disperser communities. The study suggests to introduce more native fig tree species in the city plantations to enhance and sustain the avian diversity in the novel fragmented urban ecosystems.