Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol. 29. Aug, Suppl, Issue, 2023; Page No.(129-137)


T.G. Laseetha, Kanni J. Mohan, S. Jisha and B. Hari


Members of the Order Charadriiformes can be collectively called shorebirds. They are a diverse group which comprises small to medium-large birds. Charadriiform birds wade along the shorelines and mudflats for food, especially small aquatic insects, arthropods, crustaceans, etc. Interestingly, shorebirds are considered to be the world’s longest migrants. The wetlands in Kollam district, Kerala are part of the Central Asian flyway. This flyway covers migratory water birds including globally threatened and near threatened species. Polachira wetland which was selected for the study (January 2021-December 2021) is a part of the Central Asian flyway itself and is an abode of Charadriiformes birds. The point count method was employed to census the bird population and standard methods were followed for documenting them. Of 86 bird species identified from Polachira, 10 species belonged to Order Charadriiformes. 1,296 Charadriiformes birds belonging to 5 families and 3 suborders were recorded. In this order, Family Scolopacidae was represented by four species followed by Jacanidae and Charadriidae with two species each. Families Laridae and Recurvirostridae have a single species each. Metopidius indicus (Bronze-winged Jacana) was the most numerous species (728) and recorded throughout the year. According to the IUCN, all Charadriiformes identified from here come under the Least Concern (LC) category. Global concern exists about the declining shorebird population. In this context, a bird count and identification and evaluation of the threats faced by these species in Polachira Wetland will help us conserve and protect these birds and their habitat in the future.