Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Jan Suppl. Issue, 2022; Page No.(617-621)


Samai Ibtissem, Remita Feriel, Bekkouche Assia, Chalane Fatiha, Amri Naziha and Nebbache Saloua


Traditional medicine still remains the main recourse of the majority of populations in developing countries. This medicine uses substances of animal, mineral and especially vegetable origin. Medicinal plants have always been part of the daily life of man since he uses them to feed himself, to cure himself and sometimes in his religious rites. Different traditional plants are used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension and their associated factors (diabetes, obesity, etc.). The roots and leaves of these plants are used in herbal tea in the treatment of these diseases. Traditionalmedicine, which is based on traditional knowledge, deserves to be promoted. This valorization requires the availability of improved traditional medicines, that is to say effective, with proven safety and with precise posology. This study is made on the effect of some medicinal plants on some cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and cholesterol in the blood as well as the blood pressure. On the other hand a kind of general description on some cardiovascular diseases; hypercholesterolemia and arterial hypertension, as well as the risk factors like obesity, we quote some medicinal plants indicated against these diseases.