Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 26, Issue 2, 2020; Page No.(507-513)


Abai Orazovich Sagitov, Alibek Maratovich Uspanov, Gaziza Bazarbaevna Sarsenbaeva, MadinaMalikovna Bekezhanova, Zhamilya Saburovna Ussembayeva and Kuanysh Bahutbekovich Tussupbayev


Currently, a promising area in plant protection is the use of stimulants and biofungicides to stimulate seed germination, plant growth, and development, to increase resistance to diseases, and to improve the quality and quantity of the products obtained. In the laboratory conditions, effective protective and stimulating compositions for soybean seed treatment have been developed that suppress fungal and bacterial infection, improve the sowing qualities of the seeds and the growth of the seedlings, and prevent seed mold. The research was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the protective and stimulating compositions in the treatment of soybean seeds against microflora of the seeds and their effect on the sowing properties. The results of the studies have shown that the treatment of soybean seeds with stimulants in combination with a treater significantly improves their sowing qualities, suppresses fungal and bacterial infections, and intensifies the growth of plants and the root system. A process chart of integrated soybean protection from harmful organisms for the Agropark Ontustik LLC has been developed and tested, including seeds treatment with the protective and stimulating compositions against seed infection. For the transfer and adaptation of foreign plant protection products in the production conditions, the effectiveness of soybean seed treatment with the protective and stimulating compositions chosen based on laboratory experiments has been assessed. The experiments were performed on the crops of the Agropark Ontustik LLC.