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Date of Birth: 21.06.1957

Dr. R.K.Trivedy former Professor and Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Pune, Pune (Maharashtra),India is presently Director in a National level Environmental services company.

Dr. Trivedy has also held the positions of Director, Environmental Sciences and Climatology and Dean in an upcoming International University near Mumbai ,National Business Manager, Environmental Services, Intertek, a multinational company with offices in 110 countries and Associate Professor and Head, Department of Pollution Studies, Y.C.College(Shivaji University). He did Ph. D. from Rajasthan University, Jaipur in 1980. Dr. Trivedy has 36 years of experience in the field of fresh water ecology, aquatic weed ecology and management biomonitoring of water pollution ,wastewater treatment and climate change research.. He has done pioneering work in India in utilization of water hyacinth for sewage and industrial waste treatment and he is a member of International specialist group in this field. Dr. Trivedy has been Principal investigator of several research projects funded by Ministry of Environment, U.G.C. and D.B.T.. He has published over 115research papers in reputed National and International Journals. He has guided many Ph.Ds., M.Phil and M.Tech theses He has authored/edited 33 books and is the editor of first ever Environmental Directory of India. His two books are in National UGC, India syllabus on Environment as prescribed books.

Dr. Trivedy has been member of several committees at National level. He has been editing prestigious International Journals - Pollution Research since 1982 and is also editing of, Jr. of Industrial Pollution Control and other quarterly journals Ecology, Environment and Conservation and Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Trivedy is a peer committee member of NAAC. He has delivered over 300 invited lectures in India and abroad and has traveled to Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Portugal, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands,Germany, Iran and recently at Indonesia as visiting faculty and to attend International conferences.

Dr.Trivedy has completed over 2 dozen major environmental projects in the area of Environment impact assessment, lake conservation, river conservation, environmental audit, water treatment, wastewater treatment, microbial ecology for corrosion control and biodegradable plastics .Dr.Trivedy has organized a large number of conferences and Management Development Programmes in water pollution, environmental management, CDM and carbon credits.

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Prof.(Dr.) R. K Trivedy