Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Issue 2, 2022; Page No.(1013-1018)


Arushi Rana and Rashmi Sharma


Agriculture with its allied sector is largest livelihood providing sector in India. It also contributes to the employment. 54.6 % of the workforce is involved in the agricultural sector alone. Ramganjmandi is a Tehsil situated in the south-eastern part of Rajasthan. The region undergoes limestone, popularly known as Kota stone mining. The region faces serious threat in terms of air soil, noise, and water pollution. Irrigated supply when impacted by the economic activity induce toxic chemicals in the food chain. The objective of the paper is to assess the irrigational suitability of water in Ramganjmandi tehsil of Kota in Rajasthan. The suitability will be assessed using sodium absorption ratio SAR, Sodium percent, Kelley’s ratio KR and Electrical Conductivity. The static modelling of these irrigational parameters is executed in Arc GIS using Interpolation through inverse distance weightage method. The value of Electrical conductivity lies between 367 μS to 939μS, SAR values lies between 0.98 to 11.16, sodium percent values lie between 11.43 to 60.14% and Kelley’s index values lie between 0.12 to 1.35.