Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 28, Jan Suppl. Issue, 2022; Page No.(393-397)


Shahnaz Akhtar, Syed Aasif Bukhari and Parwaiz Ahmad Najar


As one of the world’s most important economic drivers, the tourism sector is the world’s largest industry. In order to keep up with the rising number of tourists in the area, the city has undergone a massive amount of construction. It is important to keep in mind that these developments have both positive and negative effects. Due to the detrimental impact of tourism growth, sustainable development is required. During this study, important tourism stakeholders were interviewed about their views on sustainable tourism development in the select location. In order to collect data, the qualitative approach was used. The main stakeholders’ perceptions on sustainable tourism development were gathered using semi-structured interview checklist. Key stakeholders’ perceptions of positive and negative impacts in the selected areas varied according to the results of the in-depth interview. As a consequence of the study, relevant authorities be able to better understand the attitudes and awareness of key stakeholders, which will provide vital information for sustainable tourism growth.