Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 27, Issue 3, 2021; Page No.(1380-1389)


Shipra Gupta, Vijay Kumar, Archana Dhyani, J. S. Kalra and P. Patil


In the whole world, every person uses solid materials. In general, for the fulfillment of new products, natural resources are used to manufacture new papers, and trees are cut. In this work, the authors want to make people aware about recycling and the importance of the management of solid waste (SWM). For doing this, a survey has been done in which 144 people have participated. In this survey, all age group people, all range of income person, all type of residents, including educated people have participated. After analyzing the result of this survey, it is concluded that the people are not aware of the socio benefit of recycling and managing solid waste. People are also not aware of the economic benefit of recycling although recycling may be an employment generated business and industry.