Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 27, Aug Suppl. Issue, 2021; Page No.(S125-S129)


Yudi Dwi Wicaksono, I Nyoman Suyasa, Meuthia Aula Jabbar and Putu Angga Wiradana


Lobster (Panulirus spp.) is a fishery commodity that has the potential and has important economic value for export. The high demand for lobster encourages Cilacap fishermen to catch as many lobsters as possible. This study aims to identification on the current status of lobster resource management in Cilacap coastal, Central Java. The research was conducted in February-March 2020 in Cilacap Waters, Central Java. The results of this study indicate that the types of lobsters caught in Cilacap waters are Panulirus ornatus (pearl lobster) and Panulirus homarus (sand lobster). Based on the fishing season index chart, the highest peak season for lobster fishing in Cilacap waters was in November with an index value of 383%, while the lowest season was in April with an index of 23%. The type of lobster fishing gear used by Cilacap fishermen was gill net which is operated using a longboat with a size of 1-2 Gross tonnes. The results of the interview of fishing efforts that in 2019 there were 98 Cilacap fishing boats. The number of existing fishermen has increased wherein in 2014 there were only 20 units. The CPUE value obtained from interview data shows very fluctuated results where there were a decrease and increase in different years.