Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technologies Vol. 2

Author: R.K.Trivedy & S.N.Kaul
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Contents of Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technologies Vol. 2

  • Recent Developments in Wastewater Management
  • Biomanagement of Wastewater from Vegetable Dehydration Plant
  • Biotechnological Innovations to Treat Dye Industry Effuents
  • An Economic and Simple Process for Upgrading Paper Mill Effluent by Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Treatability Studies for Combined Wastewater from an Integrated Iron & Steel Industry with Recourse to Recycle/ Reuse - A Case Study
  • Waste Water Management in Textile Industry
  • Feasibility of Utilization of Paper Mill Effluent for Irrigation
  • Management of Waste in Pulp and Paper Industry and the Future of Kraft Pulping
  • Maintenance Management in Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Safety in the Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Cougulation Studies on Ossein Waste Water Treatment
  • Remediation Techniques for Contaminated Land
  • Lead Removal by Powdered Activated Charcoal
  • pH Control of Distillery and Paper-Pulp Industries EffluentMethods for Decontamination of Arsenic from Polluted Water
  • Waste Water Management in Rubber Industries
  • Application of Enhanced Photocatalytic Oxidation in the Treatment of Azo Dyes in Textile Wastewaters
  • Distillery Pollution Control (A Review)

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