Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, Sept Suppl. Issue, 2019; Page No.(9-17)


Andam S. Ardan


The research on the traditional knowledge of Timor ethnic in East Baumata in utilizing plants has done on March-April 2018. It aims at identifying and describing the traditional knowledge of Timor ethnic in East Baumata in utilizing plants. This study used the survey method which randomly selected villagers and approximately 10% number of families in the ethnic community in the village of East Baumata interviewed about their traditional knowledge related to the use of plants in their surrounding environment. The researcher took the record on the existing plants and how they use the plants by asking each respondent by using the questionnaires. The plants were recorded later identified to get the name and the type and making the classification. The data of plants name’ and their classification in usage then tabulated to get the data about the usage of plants. In addition, researcher also observed the interaction of respondents with plants especially those associated with traditional rituals or when respondents are healers or shamans. The results showed that there are 70 species of plants that grow around the residence of respondents which are used as food plants, medicinal plants, plants for producing construction materials, fodder crops, and plants for ritual.The part of crop that is often used are the fruit and leaves, the part of plant for building that is often used is the stem, whereas for medicine, the part of the plant that is often used are the root, stem and leaf . The higher intensity in the usage can be found on the crops.

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