Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, Aug Suppl. Issue, 2019; Page No.(S84-S88)


Regina I.M. BanoEt, I. Made Sudana, G.N. Alit Susanta Wirya, A.I. Medah and Mesry Manafe


The process of fermenting local drinks in East Nusa Tenggara from lontar juice such as white laru and redlaru has deposits called in the local language mur. The uses of mur as local yeast have not been carried out The aims of this study were first; to get a molecular identification of Sacharomyces cereviceae mur of red laru collected from production houses in Kupang District and Municipal of Kupang. Second; to carried out the direct use test of mur of red laru as yeast in bread making. Molecular identification was done in several stages such as follow: 1. Genomic DNA extraction using Quick-DNA ™ Fungal/Bacterial Miniprep Kit(Zymo Research, D6005); 2. PCR amplification using my Taq HS Red Mix (Bioline, BIO-25047); 3. The PCRproduct purification using DNA Clean and Concentrator (Zymo Research, D4003); 4.A bidirectional Sequencing to run the tests. The direct use of mur of red laru then being tested as a substitute for yeast. Themur was then taken using a plastic spoon, put in a jar, leave it for 1 hour until it settles, remove the liquid until the only one remaining is the mur slurry, wash the myrrh sediment with cold cooking water (ratio of1: 2); the mur then rinsed 5 times until there is no the sour flavour left in the yeast substitute. The results showed that molecular identification of mur of red laru from Sikumana production houses in Kupang Cityhas a 99% - 100% similarity to Sacharomyces cereviceae based on 10 Hit BLAST results against NCBI in thegene bank database. Then mur of the red laru from the Sikumana production house was directly used asyeast in bread making. Characteristics of bread as follow: moisture content (25,757%), development volume(14,927%). The scale of organoleptic test: color (3,711) with hedonic scale really like, flavor (3,822) hedonicscale really like, taste (3,756) hedonic scale is very like and texture (3,844) hedonic scales really like it.

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