Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, July Suppl. Issue, 2019; Page No.(S119-S128)


Bambang Yulianto, Sunaryo, Nur Taufiq S.P.J., Ali Djunaedi, Subagiyo, Adi Santosa and Agoes Soegianto


Mud crab (Scylla serrataForsskål, 1775) is an abundant marine resource in Indonesian waters and has an important economic and nutritional value. Determining the survivability and growth of mud crab S. serrata was the aim of this study. This research used the crab bucket recirculating aquaculture system, which is a system of crab aquaculture using some individual buckets, to make every crab bucket independently of feed water and drainage system and function of increases oxygen into the culture water, and can realize automatic drainage of waste and remnant food. Research activities were conducted in the aquaculture laboratory at LPWP (Coastal Area Development Laboratory) Diponegoro University, Jepara, Indonesia.The experimental animal used was mud crabs (S. serrata) with the weight from 73 to 87 g. Each crab placed separately in individual crab buckets, where 1 bucket contained 1 individual crab. The crab buckets used were made from plastic material with a diameter and height of 22 x 25 cm respectively, and installed with the recirculating aquaculture system. Two types of culture cages system were applied as a treatment. First,open cages (without bucket lid) were classified in group A; and second, closed cages (with lid bucket) were classified in Group B. Parameter observation was done on the survivability and growth of mud crab. The water quality of culture media was measured and analyzed as a supporting factor. The data were analyzedusing variance analysis (ANOVA). The result of the research showed that the survivability of mud crab was between 63 to 79% during 48 days of culture. Absolute growth was between 33 to 76 g (or 0.68 to 1.58 g day-1) after the culture period. The specific growth rate of mud crab ranged from 0.67 to 1.36% day-1. Water quality parameters of culture media by using the recirculating water system were still within the properrange for the life of mud crab. It is concluded that the application of the crab bucket recirculating aquaculture system can give the expectation for the development of mud crab culture in the future.

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