Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, May Suppl. Issue, 2019; Page No.(83-87)


Prabal Anand, Mandeep Kaur and Humaib Nasir


Conventional source of energy (Thermal power and Hydel power) are being used in abundance as a sourceof energy over a long period of time. Hydel power being an exception, other conventional source of energylike the energy through hydel power is non-renewable in nature. This paper deals with the issue of Sustainablemanagement of these conventional sources of energy, which are depleting at a very fast rate. At present,many countries mainly depend on the Conventional source of energy, which have depleted due to itsexcessive use and a time may come when the risk of its complete exhaustion may arise. To avoid this futureunpredictable situation, the use of this Conventional source of energy needs to be used wisely keeping inview the principle of sustainable management of these sources. Today, keeping in mind the need of energy,it becomes impossible to completely sustain the use of conventional source but it’s management and limitationas confined to efficiency of usage, according to the importance of its use is possible to implement, as a partof practical approach. To avoid the energy crisis in future, ensuring the Sustainable management will beseen as a great step towards the conservation of energy. The use of Non-Conventional source of energyover the Conventional Source of energy is also discussed and the reasoning for it will also be dealt with. Thepaper will give a brief descriptive analysis of the policies adopted by the Government of India as well as atan International level for the Sustainable Management of Conventional Sources of Energy. The agenda ofthe ‘Ministry of Power’-Government of India, will also be analysed. The schemes, initiatives and the Policiesadopted by them for the Sustainable Management of the Conventional Source of Energy.

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