Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, May Suppl. Issue, 2019; Page No.(49-53)


Obaidurrahman Haqmal, Humaib Nasir and Mandeep Kaur


Soil stabilization is the enhancing of engineering (physical) properties of soil and aggregates to enhance theload bearing capacity and shear strength of subgrade for supporting pavement and foundation. Soilstabilization can be done using different methods for instance mechanical stabilization and chemicalstabilization. In the method of chemical stabilization, we can use lime(Li), cement(Ce), bitumen(Bi) anddifferent industrial wastes such as Brick Powder(BP), Fly ash(FA), Rice Husk Ash(RHA), Sugar CaneDust(SCD), Plastic wastes(PW) etc. by using various proportions of them in the soil. Objective: The objectiveof this paper is stabilization of soil using lime and industrial wastes such as brick powder and rice husk ashby using various proportions of these additives in the soil(Soil). The various proportion that we used are(10% Li - 90% Soil), (10% Li - 10% RHA - 80% Soil), (10% Li - 15% RHA - 75% Soil), (10% Li - 10% BP - 80%Soil), (10% Li - 15% BP - 75% Soil), (10% Li - 20% BP - 70% Soil). Tests: various tests that are conducted inthis paper are Specific gravity test, Sieve analysis test, Standard proctor test (MDD and OMC), CBR test andDirect shear test. After using different proportion of lime with RHA and Brick Power, we concluded thatthe properties of soil enhanced, thus using these additives in soil is economical and also improves thestabilization of soil.

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