Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, Issue 1 2019; Page No.(347-351)


Karthick J., Natesan R., Samuel Devadoss R. and Shanaz Fathima A.


In this study the evaluation of air quality data and its potential impact towards, in and around areas of a South Indian port was carried out. The Port considered for this study is a Port Located at Tamil Nadu bay shore. This port is considered as one of the major port in South India which is well known for its many activities which comprises of exports and imports of coal, Iron ore, Containers, Food products and Fertilizers etc. The handling and storage of these materials leads to the dispersion of dust particulates at a very high ratein and around areas of port. In addition to that, Wind vector direction and Wind speed also plays an key role in dust dispersion in to the port Environment. The Evaluation methodology considered for this study is “Limited Environmental Impact evaluation” a typical type of EIA assessment, which is used to identify the impact of a specific component. The impact considered for this study was”Air Impact”. The parameters considered for the air quality survey are SPM, RPM, SOx, NOx and CO. The air quality Monitoring for the port was carried out especially in Monsoon Seasons (November, December and January). The results show that the emission concentration of gaseous elements like SOx, NOx and CO are within the permissible limits, whereas the values of SPM (Suspended particulate matters) and the RPM (Respirable Particulate matters) are very highly exceeding the CPCB permissible limits, The value ranges between 385 μg/m3 to 2400 μg/m3). Based on the Industrial pollution prevention approach, an effective Environmental Management Plan (Remedial measures) was suggested to Port trust to overcome or to control its dust pollutions.

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