Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 25, Issue 1 2019; Page No.(171-175)


Hiba Riyadh Jameel Al-abodi


The present study was conducted in the animal house of the Department of Life Sciences / College of Science / University of Al-Qadisiya for the period from 2017/4/1 until 2017/10/1 to investigate of the Eimeriatenella parasites on the infected chickens and isolate the parasite from the samples obtained from veterinary clinics and then diagnosed by Conventional Polymerase chain reaction technology. The results of molecular examination byPCR technique showed infection of 102 samples of 178 stool samples were tested with E.tenella parasites with an infection rate of 57.3% The results showed a lot of symptoms and signs of clinical disease on birds infected with the type of E.tenella; it was noted on these chickns clinical signs of disease including inactivity, loss of appetite, feathers, bloody diarrhea, weight loss and wasting and fatigue. The Anatomical study of infected birds showed an extreme congestion of the two arteries and an increase in size. When opening the two arteries it was observed the presence of large blisters and filled with blood, mucous membranes and fluids as well as blood clotted, the histopathological changes of microscopic tissue showed the damage and necrosis in the epithelium of arteries and the fall of the epithelial layer cells inside the cavity of arteries, with the presence of large numbers of different parasite phases.

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