Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 4 2018; Page No.(1871-1876)


Shivani and Bashir Misbah


Waste is one of the foremost and environmental anxieties in most of evolving countries. In rapidly developing world problems and issues of waste are increasing day by day. The objective of this paper is to give the insight details of different wastes which can help in the production of biogas. It has been perceived from past few researches that biogas production can be increased efficiently. This paper gives an overview about the biogas production by using different substrates and methods to overcome from the problem of pollution caused by waste. Biogas is generated by the bioconversion of treated and untreated biomass under solid state fermentation. Biogas does not have limitations nor does it require advanced technology for producing energy. An attempt is made to compare the biogas formation from different wastes used as a feedstock. Most of the researches were done before using these as a feedstock so in this paper some of the results are analyzed and discussed as biogas production is the economical as well as the easiest way to utilize the waste and convert into energy solutions.

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