Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 3 2018; Page No.(1451-1456)


Symbat Koibakova, Gusman Kenzhetayev, Samal Syrlybekkyzy, Nurgul Janaliyeva, Lyailim Tazhanova and Zhansayle Altybayeva


In March, 2018 we studied the state of soils in coastal area of the Caspian Sea in Mangistau region in the vicinity of Port Kuryk. More than 20 samples were obtained at eight test sites. Soils were analyzed using Spectroscan MAKS instrument and the content of heavy metals was compared with available maximum permissible concentrations (MPCs). Analysis of soil samples from eight test sites made it possible to reveal peculiar features of coastal soil pollution with heavy metals. In all samples MPCs were exceeded for chromium, hence, it was possible to state its possible high regional level. For all samples, except for two, the cumulative pollution in terms of hazard was classified as nonhazardous (ZC < 16). In two samples at test sites PP-1 and PP-2 the soil pollution was moderately hazardous (16 < ZC < 32). Calculations of soil pollution indices (SPI) demonstrated that for samples from test sites PP-1, PP-2 and PP-3 (0-5 cm and 5-20 cm), except for PP-4 (SPI< 1), the soil pollution index was SPI > 1, i.e., the soils were polluted. For samples from test sites PP-5, PP-6, PP-7, and PP-8, SPI < 1 – the soils were characterized as nonpolluted. Statistic processing of average content of heavy metals for the layer 0-20 cm at the studied area revealed statistically significant variation only for chromium content. Studying chromium at present is the most important among other heavy metals.

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