Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 3 2018; Page No.(1397-1399)


Reza Kamrani and Mohammadreza Yavarzadeh


The type of pollination is usefull in yield of palm. The effect of some type of pollinations in yield of palm was studied in this research. This experiment was carried out in Bam. Pollination was carried out on time in last week of march. The type of pollens was same with other gardens 4 method of pollinations were studied. At first method of pollination ,male cluster was putted inside of female cluster as a native type of pollination and were fastened by ropes .In second method ,male clusters were shaked on female clusters. In thirth method, pollens were mixed with water and were sprayed on female clusters and were used a “Spray equipment”. In fourth method pollens were mixed with wheat flour, 10 and 90 percent pollen and wheat flour respectivelly and were shaked on female cluster by a cotton bag. Three trees were selected for any method. Any experimental unit was included three medial clusters of one tree(20 years old). In this experiment was used “Rondom complete block designe” with three replications . Wet dates will be harvested in end of september by workers and some parameters will be measured including : Fruit weight, Fruit length ,kernel weight, Suger Percentage, Fruit volume,yield of one tree, Percent of fruit rise and fruit water. Dataes will be analysed by “Mstatc” program. In ancient method fruits were rippened faster than other methods. Pollen duster was at first in highest value .Ancient method was higher than “Pollen mixe water” and “Pollen mixe flure” method. Fruit acidity in all of fruits decreased from first till end of rippening. Highest value in all of parameters were belonged to” Pollen dusting” on female cluster and Fruit value and yielding were in highest value. Suger was in low value in “Pollen mixe with water “method. And other value were lower than “ ancient method “ and “Pollen duster”. But this method was better than “Pollen mixe with flure “ method.

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