Ecology, Environment and Conservation Paper

Vol 24, Issue 3 2018; Page No.(1092-1103)


Elsina Titaley, Sanggar Kanto, Darsono Wisadirana and Mardiyono Mardiyono


This paper provides new information and different from previous research that if the community of a region has abundant local potential and well managed, then the local people can become prosperous and serene. Lumoli Village has abundant natural resources, and support cultural potentials but the villager remain poor. With such problems, then carried out in-depth research on it. The purpose of this study is to find out, describe the poverty situation of Lumoli villagers, and explore the local potentials of the abundant localities owned by them. This research was conducted in Lumoli Village located in West Seram District, West Seram District, Maluku Province, Indonesia. This research uses qualitative method with case study strategy. To obtain more detailed data,in-depth interviews were conductedto people who are considered important in Lumoli Village and direct cross check was done in village community activities. The implications of this research are to inform the public that the Lumoli Village community is rich in local potentials of natural potential and cultural potential, but in reality, they are in a poor position. The limitations of this study are to understand and describe the poverty situation of Lumoli villagers with their natural local potentials and cultural potentials that are supportive for poverty alleviation. Therefore, it is expected that further research can explore the factors causing the poverty of Lumoli villagers and explain a good model of empowerment to reduce their poverty or in other areas, in order to create a more prosperous and serene village atmosphere.

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